While still a Midwestern girl at heart, Jennifer is a yoga teacher in Denver who loves to laugh until it hurts, love on her baby girl, and spend as much time as possible with friends and family. Inspired by her passion for life and her profound gratitude for all of its blessings, Jennifer’s classes are a vigorous and empowering, yet nurturing celebration where movement, awareness and the breath merge to create balance, joy, and ease. She will make you sweat and she will help you find your edge, but she will do so in the most supportive and loving way, always encouraging you to trust the teacher within and to be kind to yourself in all that you do. Jennifer is continually inspired to create a space within her classes where people can get out of their heads and into their hearts and have a really good time doing so.

Jennifer teaches Bhakti Flow (the yoga of love and devotion) workshops & teacher trainings around the country and leads retreats internationally. She has been teaching since 2007 and served as co-director for Rusty Wells' Bhakti Flow Teacher Trainings in San Francisco for three years. Jennifer is an ambassador for Solow and Inyo and also writes as one of the Wellness Experts for MindBodyGreen, a go-to guide for all things yoga and wellness. 


Photography courtesy of Dan Brand.