As a Ironman triathlete and health care professional who has taken Jennifer’s classes for years I urge anyone that can to give themselves the gift of her class. Jennifer truly is my yoga mentor and leader of the yoga community with her dedicated teaching style and care. I am truly impressed with her awareness of the body’s anatomy and efforts to keep her students safe and healthy for many chaturangas to come. Purely by being herself, Jennifer conveys a sense of light, purpose, and intention.  ~Heather Maxwell, DC Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician and 2 time Ironman finisher

I love, love, love Jennifer's classes! She has the wonderful ability to make everyone feel welcome in the space. Similar to Stephanie Snyder and Janet Stone, Jennifer bridges this delicate balance between strength and femininity. Her classes are demanding, but you'll get to enjoy pushing yourself to the edge and then sinking right into an opening pose. She's extremely patient and amazing and I look forward to every time I get to take one of her classes. ~Elizabeth L.

Jennifer is a truly inspiring instructor in so many ways.  She has this unique talent of guiding students into challenging poses in the sweetest most loving way. She offers modifications and variations for all levels of students; so whether you are a seasoned yogi or brand new to the practice you will always feel welcome and well taken care of. Her music rocks! Great use of tunes to keep you flowing when the class gets moving a bit more quickly and mellow grooves when things slow down a bit. I always feel more grounded and clear after taking class with Jennifer.  ~Estee

Jennifer will lead you through a vigorous, devotional practice pushing you towards that knife edge between where you've been and where you can go. All with a smile and just the right amount of encouragement. You've never been here before. At moments the music might compel your hips to sway or perhaps your heart to melt. You'll leave wondering how she kept that complicated sequence in her head and so grateful that you weren't just moving through the same old motions. If you are lucky you'll start and end your practice with some chanting. Fear not. It doesn't matter what it sounds like, you are opening your lungs, unifying your breath and joining with the chorus of the room. Welcome home. You are in good hands.  ~Kyle R.

Jennifer offers one of the most amazing yoga classes in San Francisco.  I have been taking her classes since she started teaching in SF over at the Pad years ago and I continue to follow her where ever she goes.  She knows her stuff;  she has studied with many great teachers including Baron Baptiste and Rusty Wells. She teaches a very, deep, intense, powerful class that is focused in Hatha yoga (which means you link your breath to your movement).  However, Jennifer's classes always provide something for ALL LEVELS.  She has a strong belief in always maintaining a beginner's mind. The other thing that I really enjoy about Jennifer is that she is so down to earth.  I enjoy being able to connect with my teachers and Jennifer is always very supportive of my practice.  Her energy is contagious.  ~Mike R.

I have been practicing yoga in SF for about 2.5 years and would venture to say that I am now a "yoga snob". I want a solid work out of both my body and my mind. I hop in my car every day after work and head to a variety of studios around the city to be with favorite teachers who feed these desires. Jennifer is one of these teachers. While I have heard that SF yoga teachers are "a dime a dozen", this certainly is not the case with Jennifer. Jennifer has such a loving and energetic spirit. She leads each class with such thoughtful finesse. Her classes are always different, always really challenging, and always accompanied by awesome playlists. I inevitably walk away from her class feeling cleansed of my day, feeling completely worked out, and instantly looking forward to my next class with her.  For those of you out there looking for that perfect yoga class, I'd highly recommend Jennifer!  ~Erin T.

Jennifer is an absolutely amazing teacher!  I look forward to any chance I can to attend one of her classes, because they are physically challenging and meditative but also fun!  I feel like a different person when I leave - refreshed and invigorated by her energy and proud of myself for pushing my limits.  She is just the best!  ~Anne D.

Jennifer's classes are absolutely awesome. As a guy who has done yoga in SF for about 2 years her classes are challenging, inspiring, and something not to be missed. Without a doubt they will keep you coming back for more. Her music is great and her personality is even better. I highly recommend anyone take her class. You will not be sorry.  ~Justin H.